Summer, Sorority Recruitment, & Social Resume

Happy First OFFICIAL day of Summer!

 It’s my favorite time of year for so many reasons, but one of my favorites is writing MIF letters for my newly graduated high school seniors as they prepare for college and many for formal recruitment!   I’m hoping between now and the start of school you will have time to enjoy this milestone summer that has only just begun!  I’ll always be a big supporter of Greek Life and love when my seniors decide to explore this option and see if it makes a good fit for them!  Below, you’ll find just a few tips to keep in mind as you begin thinking about Sorority Recruitment.


You don’t need to wish your summer away

for the next chapter, but it’s a good idea to get the ball rolling on your social resume in preparation for your Freshman year and Formal Sorority Recruitment.



It’s a great idea to have a MIF (Membership Information Form) sent in by an alumnae of EVERY chapter that you will be visiting.  I can only speak for my own, but Alpha Omicron Pi accepts electronic MIFS, so no need to send me a paper copy, I’ll be filling in the needed information online.  It’s ok if you don’t personally know them!  You’ll be surprised who you have a connection with, you know that whole 6 degrees of separation thing!


If you are attending a large university that has large chapters, more than likely a MIF will be sent to the National or International database as well as the local chapter you will be attending recruitment with.  For example, I just recently filled out three MIFs for the University of Arkansas.  I sent the original to the Alpha Omicron Pi headquarters, and also sent a copy to the Recruitment Chair at UofA.



As you begin asking for letters of recommendation, be sure to include a social resume with your request.  Here are some things that are important to include, broken into sections.
Personal Information
First, Middle and Last Name
Home Address
Names of Both Parents and Home Address (if different)
Where you parents attended college if applicable
If you are a legacy, be sure to include that here!!!
Educational Information
High School Attended, GPA and all relevant test scores.
Year in College (be safe and include class by credit and by year)
Which College you will be attending and anticipated major
Activities you have been involved with in and out of school
clubs, sports, community service etc.
Honors, Awards and Scholarships
you will also want to include a digital photograph too.




MIF (Membership Information Forms) are due for many schools at the end of July, so be sure to reach out for recommendations as soon as you make your decision on a school.  During the entire summer, most chapters are eagerly preparing to have an amazing Fall recruitment.  Meetings and planning are taking place all summer long.  Be sure you are ready to go early and your information isn’t lost in transition.



Sorority Recruitment

was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Lifelong friendships, leadership, social, community and a foundation of support are some of the most important aspects I gained from my experience as a college student and an alumnae.  Alpha Omicron Pi <3