Lemons into Lemonade-P!NK

“When life gives you Lemons, turn them into Lemonade.”

We’ve all heard that saying a time or two before.  My husband and I are huge P!NK fans and were pretty pumped to get to see her live at the Sprint Center in Kansas City last week.  To be honest, taking pictures was actually an afterthought.  I had a lot going on and was really looking forward to a fun date night with VIP treatment. Who knew we would be getting some lemons.

As we stepped off the elevator on the first floor and made our way to the hospitality suite, I noticed large framed photographs of a variety of artists and events that had taken place here.  From Garth Brooks to New Kids On The Block, it was like music heaven with huge autographed prints labeled with the concert tour and date information, needless to say, my photographer heart was pretty happy.  We continued walking down the hall as I thought to myself “I have to get Josh at least one amazing portrait of her.”  We had front row seats so I thought my opportunities would be pretty good to accomplish that, at least ONE outstanding picture.  We turned the corner and there it was….”NO PROFESSIONAL CAMERAS ALLOWED.” and a new flood of emotions quickly slipped in, with the previously mentioned LEMONS…


beautiful trauma world tour mandy evans photography

Would a Sketch Artist be allowed to bring Pencils?

Hi, yes it’s me way up here on my soapbox, just give me a few minutes of your time, I promise to include some awesome pictures from the concert!  I’m smiling and being very friendly about it, in hopes of just sharing a little bit of education and maybe a little bit of empowerment!  You see, I can’t tell you how many times I hear, “You must have a really good camera” or “Your camera is so good.”  Don’t get me wrong, this is a TRUE FACT, my camera equipment is really great, but these are just tools.  Tools I use everyday, tools that I invested a lot of money in and am blessed to have in my bag and use in a flourishing business.  Yes, there is a large quality difference in the camera I used as a hobbyist and the ones I use now as a professional,  BUT THEY ARE TOOLS!  I, Me, MANDY, I’m the one that creates the image with the help of those tools. But, a photographer can use any tool to create a photograph (even an iphone).  It’s not the camera that makes the picture!

Back on track here.  So, I read that sign and rolled my eyes (yes, guilty)  because just like any other time I see hurdles for professional photographers, I wondered if a sketch artist would be able to bring their sketch pad and pencils, or if an author could bring in a pen and paper….  Did you know professional photographers have to actually pay a fee to photograph in Greene County Parks, here in Springfield?  I’m sure there are personal trainers training in the parks, yoga instructors teaching classes (which I would love to attend by the way), and maybe even watercolor artists painting some beautiful landscapes of the natural settings.  I’m not trying to start a debate or argument.  I am a rule follower, I pay for that yearly park pass, I understand why they are asking for it.  I also understand that the damages that they are trying to refurbish or fix were more than likely not created by PROFESSIONALS.

Is it the microphone and set design that make a musician great?  Lemonade out of Lemons my friends, life isn’t always fair, nor does it need to be.  I love a good challenge!

PINK beautiful trauma world tour Sprint Center

PINK live in Kansas City Missouri

P!NK takes the stage

and my little pouting stint is over.  I have heard over and over again that she puts on an amazing show.  Expectations were high and without a doubt, she exceeded them!!!  Guys, seriously, 2 full hours of straight entertainment.  The set list included so many of our favorites and even included  renditions of “Smells like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana and “I’m Just a Girl” by Gwen Stefani.  Costumes, sets, dancers, musicians it was just amazing.  I absolutely loved how she interacted with the crowd, took time out to greet her fans and you’ll have to check out the video of my epic fangirl interaction moment in the video clip below.  I totally waved like a smitten teenager (and she waved right back)!!!

Beautiful trauma world tour Sprint Center

Pink performing in Kansas City MO

Set List

“Get this Party Started”  “Beautiful Trauma”  “Just like a Pill”  “Who Knew”  “Revenge”  “Funhouse”  “Smells like Teen Spirit”  “I’m Just a Girl” “Secrets”  “Try”  “Just Give Me A Reason”  “I’m Not Dead”  “Just like Fire”  “What about us”  “For Now”  “Barbies”  I Am Here”  “Perfect”  “Raise Your Glass”  “Blow me (One last kiss)”  “So what”  “Glitter in the Air”  followed by 2 amazing encores!

PINK Concert

PINK wardrobe Beautiful Trauma World Tour

PINK LIVE Kansas City MO

All I want in life is to be able to wear a silver sequin body suit

Ahhhh, it was aesthetic heaven guys!  The wardrobe, visuals, set changes all of it!  Unbelievable and fantastic.  But, none of those MADE the artist.  Her Raw vocals and the meaning behind her words were strong and could stand on their own.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the show, loved it and Josh and I are 100% going to see here again.  He actually just said night before last “Where is P!NK going to be tomorrow?  Let’s go!”  Amazing show, if you’re a fan, add it to your must see list.  If you’re not a fan yet, you can thank me later.  Aside from all the awesome visuals, one of the strongest moments were when she sat on a stool (roughly 2 feet away from us) and just sang.  No pyrotechnics, no lighting, no TOOLS, just her talent.


PINK up close while performing on tour

Empowering Vocalist PINK

PINK new music

My hair is too short and they don’t like my body

Excuse me while I jump around here a little bit on this topic.  We’re a good 3/4s through the concert.  I have long forgotten about my little soap box moment and was making the best and getting some pretty good images with my phone.  I mean, not what I would have loved to have been able to produce, but good enough while still being able to enjoy the concert with Josh, who was suffering from permagrin the majority of the time.  I am totally ok with that.  She IS pretty amazing!  I put my phone away for a bit and that is when it happened.  P!NK really spoke to my heart with this.

You may have heard her speak of something similar on the MTV VMA’s last year.  Her daughter, Willow had said to her that she was “the ugliest person I know”.

“I look like a boy,” Willow told her mom.  “And I said, ‘Well, what do you think I look like?’  And she said, “Well, you’re beautiful.”  Pink then told her daughter that is exactly what people say about her when they make fun of her (who exactly is making fun of P!NK, weirdos).  “They say I look like a boy, or I’m too masculine.  I have too many opinions.  My body is too strong”  said Pink.  “And, I said to her, ‘Do you see me growing my hair?’  She said  ‘No Momma.’  I said ‘Do you see me changing my body?’  She said, ‘No Momma.’  ‘Do you see me changing the way I present myself to the world?’  ‘No Momma.’  ‘Do you see me selling out arenas all over the world?‘  ‘Yes, Momma.”

In that moment, that sharing of a 5 minutes conversation, she touched a sold out crowd personally.  So many different reasons, many different levels or issues, people fighting battles some of us will never know.  It was beautiful traumatic story, that I think so many can relate to.  You should have heard the crowd!

PINK performing LIVE

PINK "Revenge"

PINK flys through concert

I made that Lemonade

What began as an exciting concert date night, turned into me just wanting one good image for one of her biggest fans, who happens to be my husband, turned into this awesome lesson.  I was told (not personally of course) “NO PROFESSIONAL CAMERAS ALLOWED”  and got some lemons.  I turned it into some of the sweetest PINK lemonade I’ve ever had.  We got some good photos, some fun video and I came away with a great lesson.

I’ve always struggled with being me.  I can truly relate to what P!NK said to her sweet baby girl, I keep my hair short, I do have a bit of a more masculine build, I’m not a twig and I have a bit of edge.  I am the tattooed conservative a literal walking oxymoron. Sometimes I color my hair crazy colors and wear ripped up jeans. I’ve felt those stares when I enter a room with my arms uncovered and my tattoos showing for all to see in our small Southwest Missouri town.  I’ve had the comments made about “wearing yoga pants” and not being dressed to fit my brand at all times.  But, guess what, I also have some crazy strong morals that I dont bend on, am an awesome mom and I pay my taxes.  I don’t drink alcohol (which surprises more people than it should), but I drink a lot of mt. dew.    🙂 I am a strong individual, and each day I get more and more comfortable in my own skin, being my own person, not conforming to what others (who don’t even really care about the person IN this skin) want me to be. and……I voted for Donald Trump.  We’ve all been in a place of judgement.  To judge is human, learning to take those negative moments and make use of them in a good way is the goal.  We don’t each have to VALUE what the other does, what they believe, we don’t even have to agree with them or their choices.   Learning to be ok with that and not be so hateful is a place I hope to someday live in, you know, we’ll agree to disagree…move on, find some common ground!  You don’t’ have to like my clothes, my hair, my friends or my choices.  More than likely, I have some of the same thoughts too.  BUT, I promise to take a minute to find something I do love about you and focus on that.  I hope you’ll do the same for me.

We’re all presented with lemons everyday.  Sometimes we have more than our fair share and sometimes just enough.  Make lemonade friends!

And on a side note, I am going to get my accountant a “professional pen” to see if we’ll have a better turn out on taxes next year.  Think it will work?

Joy and Chaos,


Beautiful Trauma Stage Design

PINK aerial performance during concert

PINK March 2018