It’s the little things Wedding Day Edition

Erica and Bryan

The little details….Settings! Nope not camera settings, I’ve got that under control, I’m talking settings as in locations of the different aspects of your wedding day.

If your budget allows, think about choosing a cozy Air BnB close to your venue to lounge around in and get ready for your wedding day.

Yes, your venue may have a bridal suite or “getting ready” area, but be sure to make sure there is ample room for you to be comfortable relaxing and enjoying the day of your wedding. Think about who will be with you that morning, bridesmaids, mom’s, grands, siblings, other special friends?

You’ll want space to spread out, to relax, and offer different settings to your “getting ready” photos.

Be a princess……on location

Not only will you feel like a queen, but you will save so much travel time AND be able to relax by adding hair and make up services on location. You wont believe how quickly the morning will fly by on your wedding day. ENJOYMENT should always be your first priority, so think about adding these services to where you are already planning on starting out the day. Rushing around will add stress to your schedule, and none of us want that. I promise it is worth it!!!

Another great thing about having professional hair and make up services for your wedding day is that these professionals are trained to not only in their craft, but also have detailed knowledge on which products should be used for the best photographic techniques, when and when not to add bronzer and hairspray etc. Missouri humidity is unbelievable AND unplanned sometimes, trust an expert on your special day!

Details matter

As a photographer, I LOVE wedding day details! Not only does it give more visual options to photograph, but it also gives me a little more insight into the day, the couple, and their aesthetic.

Remember, these are YOUR wedding images, they will have stories attached to them that are important to you. Bring along all the small little details you can think of.

I recommend creating a “details” bag about a month or so before your wedding day. As you think of things, you can toss them into the bag, and it’s one less thing to worry about during crunch time, the week of your wedding.

Are we really taking a picture on the side of the road?

To be honest, yep, we probably are. I’m a light chaser. Believe it or not, the actual location isn’t what it’s about. It’s all about the LIGHT!

Think about taking the extra step.

Think about adding the VALUE of having a wedding coordinator. Even if your budget doesn’t allow full wedding planning, the benefit of a professional day of coordinator will make such a big difference! This not only lets you not worry about a thing, but it also allows your close friends and family (especially MOM) relax and enjoy the day WITH you!

And the best part, they will also be there to celebrate too!

This also creates a stress free(ish) day and allows your mom and dad to be present and in the moment and allows me the opportunity to create some special together time for you as well!

It’s all in the timing

Communication is key! Although your wedding day should never revolve around photographs, things can take a bit more time then you would expect. Trust your photographer to build in spare time, when possible for all kinds of things that may ( or may not) happen. Photo timelines are key, be sure to have your photographer create one before your wedding day! Most often travel time, temperature, shade, lighting, restroom breaks and touch ups are forgotten, so be sure to chat about this.

I know roughly how much time I need to capture the different aspects of the day, but there are always little added things. For instance, even though Bryan and Erica were getting ready in 2 seperate lofts on the same street as their venue, I needed to add a little bit of buffer time into their “getting ready” photos because of the walking needed, the packing and unpacking of gear and most importantly the HEAT! Trust your vendors to have enough experience to think about these little things and prep for them ahead of time.

Add a little spice to your….

toast to the newlyweds! By this time in the day, emotions have settled a bit and everyone is ready to have a good laugh. Don’t be afraid to bust out the accent or funny story. You can show love in so many ways!!

Wedding Vendor Team

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