It’s really not all about the location.

It’s not always about location.

Ryen’s session locations were all within 1 mile of each other. The side of the road, the middle of a road and a car wash parking lot.

How do I find locations?

Easy peasy! I drive around. I watch for color, light, and texture. I find some of my favorite spots while I’m running errands or out for sessions and store them in my memory bank.

What do I look for?

When “scouting” locations, I look for light. It’s always my first priority! Open shaded area’s are also always nice to have. I love finding a location that offers different settings. This gives more time for photos and less time driving.

What if I have a specific type of setting I want for my session?

That’s awesome! I love that you have some ideas swimming around! I love photographing my clients in all kinds of settings, from urban and industrial to natural and rustic. More importantly to me is that you have portaits you love and are excited about. I know of some really great out of the way area’s that have the different looks and textures you may be after!!

Where are your favorite locations?

Literally, the side of the road. Nope, I am not kidding. We have so many great spots here in SWMO that offer different settings. You’ve probably driven by them and just didn’t see them in the same way that I do. Who knows, maybe you have!

I prefer to stay away from public areas like parks, because I feel as though my clients relax a bit more when there aren’t so many people around watching. Like we are the only people in the world in that moment. It really creates some fun moments!!

Oh my, this location!

See how the light is hitting Ryen’s hair. Isn’t it dreamy!!! I spotted this beautiful, colorful flowering bush the afternoon before Ryen’s session. I have driven by it for months, but it hadn’t caught my eye until that day. IT IS IN THE PARKING LOT OF A CAR WASH! Once she had her last wardrobe change, we decided to head that way. I knew the contrast of her skin, hair and outfit would look amazing with the bold color of these flowers.

Don’t Worry, be happy.

Relax and enjoy your session time, I’ll worry about the small stuff. Beauty is everywhere, you just have to look for it.