Finding your engagement ring style

Finding your engagement ring style can make you feel crazy.

Let’s face it.  It’s hard to look at beautiful jewelry and not love it all!  Commiting to a style and piece that you will wear for the rest of your life, is kind of a big deal.  You’ve met Mr. Right and now it’s time to find the perfect engagement ring, which is fun and can also be a bit overwhelming.  Lately, I’ve seen some new traditions starting when I photograph brides.  Their choice in engagement ring is always one of my favorite things to look at.  From classic solitaire to colored metals and stones, here is a look at some of the newest options that although may feel a little trendy, they are wrapped in classic timeless beauty.

You can never go wrong with a solitare

This white gold setting features an emerald cut diamond with brilliant cut diamonds half way down the band.  My favorite feature of this ring is actually on the inside setting.  The inside is lined with a beautiful detailing, Tacori‘s signature crescent design and additional round cut diamonds.  This ring feels timeless, romantic and yet leans toward a modern style.

emerald cut diamond and brilliant cut diamond band engagement ring

Rose Gold is the new Black

Rose gold.  Hmmmm, it makes most girls smile!  It’s been trending since early 2014, but actually has a history dating back to the 19th century.  It’s a perfect mix between vintage, classic, timeless and fashionable.  Rose Gold adds a touch of femininity and warmth to most designs.  Dating back to the 19th century, rose gold was first used in design of faberge eggs for Russia’s Czars.  With the onset of World War 2, platinum was considered a much needed metal for the war effort, so rose and yellow gold’s were used most often in jewelry design.  You can read most on this history lesson of rose gold right HERE.

This rose gold engagement ring also features a unique stone shape.  The pear or teardrop is most commonly seen  set North to South.  I actually think, this may be the first time I’ve ever seen one set East to West, and I dig it!!!  Some of my favorite aspects of this particular ring are the care to detail in the metal work by Tacori.

pear shaped diamond engagement ring


Who says it has to be a diamond?

Trending now is the amazing Morganite.  It’s a beautiful feminine stone with a soft blush undertone.  The best part about jewelry is that there are no rules!  Your engagement ring should be adorned with a stone you love no matter what color it is.  I love this morganite ring!

finding the perfect engagement ring- morganite, diamonds and rose gold

morganite diamond and rose gold engagement ring

Another favorite is the blue sapphire!  This ring which reminds me so much of Princess Diana and Princess Kate’s ring is a classic beauty and showstopper!  On a side note, I have blue sapphires in my wedding set too!


blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring


The setting

Another favorite rose gold ring featuring the most beautiful intricate setting and details.  This cushion style setting allows the diamond to “sit” inside while being surrounded with more diamonds!

rose gold and diamond tacori engagement ring


Classic yellow gold

I don’t think yellow gold will ever go out of style.  Did you know that wedding bands date back as far as the Egyptians?  Historically, wedding bands were made of irons or bronze, as gold wasn’t as accessible until gold mines were discovered in the 19th century.  Something about yellow gold feels so classic, don’t you think?

rose gold tacori engagement ring


No matter your style

From day to day, your engagement ring will be a constant in your life forever.  Research what you love and what makes you feel beautiful.  From stone choice, shape and metals, the options are limitless.  Finding your engagement ring style could be based on a number of different factors.  After you find that perfect engagement ring and ready to begin planning your wedding be sure to take a look at the wedding gallery!  I look forward to chatting with you!!

You can find all of these stunning rings and many more locally at Mitchum Jewelers.