You wont believe how often I hear this…

I bet your job is sooooo fun.

And it is, my job is uber fun and exciting!  But, it’s a lot of hard work too.  My background isn’t in business but I’ve spent 4 solid years learning how to build mandy evans photography from the ground up.  I’ve not always taken the easy way, and more times than not have learned things the hard way, but ya know….what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Thank you Kelly Clarkson for creating my anthem

My brain that doesn’t turn off

Do you have one of those? It’s so fun to live with a brain that wont sleep!  Each evening I turn my office lights off after dinner or when a client ordering session wraps up.  This isn’t always at 5:00.  Actually, if I’m meeting with a client in the evening, they are more than likely not going to heading out the door until after 8:00.  Which again, is absolutely ok.  If you know me, you know I love to talk.  Because of this, our ordering sessions often get steered off course and before we know it we’re discussing a great recipe or the latest This is Us episode.  When I “shut down” work for the day, I usually head up stairs to hang out with the boys.  My handy ipad is typically by my side and as we’re chatting and catching up on some tv, it usually finds it’s way to either my blog for a post update, to the notes app for another addition to the to do list, or I’m checking out a pinterest board I have previously made for ideas for some random idea I’ve had.

No seriously, it’s time to go to bed

By now, the dogs are passed out under out feet and Joey has ventured in to his room with a “night ya’ll” as his parting words (he’s so fun)!!!  Josh is yawning next to me and of course, right now is when the BEST idea’s I’ve ever had decide to make an appearance.  Have I mentioned how wonderful my husband is…  He now will head to bed, and I’ll start working again while I watch my favorite news anchors (love you KY3)!!!  I’ve just really gotten the ball rolling and am deep into whatever though has popped into my head and there is a shift in volume on the TV.  I look up, and am greeted by my friend Jimmy Fallon.  Have you noticed how the volume gets louder when the show starts?  For about 30 more minutes I’ll continue working before saying to myself “You have to go to bed”

hanging in bed while reading on a fun ipad

Girl I am not playing anymore.

In college I really found a deep love of reading.  I remember staying up super late and reading into the morning in my top bunk in the AOII house.  Since then I’ve continued to read and become addicted to different genres over the years.  I always find that reading is the absolute best way for me to relax.  No matter how long it takes, this is truly the only way for me to get to sleep, no matter how late it is.  Lately, I’ve been stuck on different historical pieces….ok, I like to call it “research” but whatever.  I can educate you pretty well in all things about Public Housing High Rises, The Watts Riots, and South Central LA gangs.  I know, totally random, but it is what it is.  Last night I tried to move back to NASA history and conspiracies, worked like a charm and I was finally asleep by 2:15.

Believe it or not, it’s time to Rise and Shine

The alarm is muted to my ears these days.  I honestly don’t hear it and am thankful everyday that I married a morning person, because that is a skill that I never got…… I didn’t even get in line to get that one…….ever.

my fun and lively golden retreivers

About 6:10  I rolled out of bed to a sweet kiss on the cheek and a “have a good day”.  I was greeted by two sweet tail wagging dogs that immediately began barking at me letting me know they were hungry.  We’re working really hard on “raising an adult” and Joey is responsible for getting himself up in the morning now.  Thankfully he was up and ready to go before I was. YAS!!!!  Joey 1-  Mandy .25  Knowing today was the day his sports physical was due, I had to take him to the doctor and made the decision to let him stay home until after his appointment.  Joey 1-  Mandy 100.  Then it hit me.  ANOTHER “best idea ever” for a blog post!  It’s seriously my favorite thing ever when this happens.  I decided it would be an awesome way to share what it’s really like to run Mandy Evans Photography.  So today, I decided to journal and chart every thing I did to show that Yes, my job is fun, but it’s also a ton of work.  It keeps me passionate and energized.

photographer daily workflow

My day from start to finish(ish)

After that first cup of coffee, I thought it would be a great idea to share what a typical day looks like for me.  So here goes.  Monday February 27, 2017

6:15  Wake up

6:40  Make a cup of coffee, feed the dogs, chat with JOey about the day.  Call school and let them know he will be late arriving due to a doctors appointment.

6:50  Head to my office and turn the computer one.  Multi tasked here, started roomba downstairs.

7:00  Check email

7:10 Check in with studio management on todays To-do’s.  Update invoices and send out reminders

7:15  Begin editing a recent event

7:45  Fulfill online sports orders through print lab

8:08  Begin uploading images into album design software to begin recent order design.

8:10 While images are uploading, I work in my arch nemesis, QuickBooks on some accounting issues.

8:41  Work on a recent print order fulfillment (I forgot that I had an album in the works).

8:46  Time for another cup of coffee and grab a little bit to eat.

9:00 Technology is sometimes not my friend.  Close down all programs and restart computer.  Sign back into all programs.  Check on Joey to make sure he’s still awake and almost ready to leave.  FUN!

9:15. Back at the print order fulfillment

9:30  Check email.

9:40  Head to the Bank to make despostis.

9:45  Mom duty, take Joey to a scheduled doctors appointment.

10:03  Arrive at clinic to get a quick sports physical because it’s due today for the first day of track practice.

10:40  Still waiting…..rolling my eyes at myself because I forgot to get him this physical for weeks.

11:00  Finally we get checked in… will be at least another hour wait……seriously, not fun!

11:05  Run over to subway and enjoy an unexpected lunch date with my son.

11:30. Check back in with the doctor……2 people still in front of us in line…….

11:40. Go buy a toothbrush, because we had lunch and Joey has braces…… #protectingmyinvestment

12:15  We’re up…finally getting back for the 20 minute sports physical.

12:45  Doing a fast mall walk out to the car so I can get this kid to school for what is left of the day.

1:00  Return home and back to work

1:15  Check voicemails and create/send invoice for upcoming Destin Florida sessions.

1:20  Text Andie while returning emails, because she’s my business bestie and sometimes a girl needs to just talk.  (Thankful for our fun mid-day chats).

1:27  Oh, album design!!!!  Back at it!

1:52  Album is finished and looks amazing, exporting to desktop and get sidetracked by Facebook while I’m waiting for expor

t1:55  Open ordering software, upload album design and get this beauty ordered.

2:20  Back to editing the event I was working on this Am.

2:36  Resend an invoice a client misplaced in previous sent emai

2:37  Phone call from Josh to see if I took care of a task he asked me to do this morning…… answer is no…..

2:38. Back to editng

2:45  Resize images and prepare to upload to online gallery.  Import email addresses to online gallery software to send out a mass email with information on how to download.

3:10  Check and return emails

3:15  Create a new client contract and invoice

3:25. Work on graduation announcement designs for 4 seniors

3:35  Notice tummy is growling, time to grab a bit to eat.

3:45  Mac n cheese please.  Back to announcement design as I enjoy my gourmet mac n cheese.

3:50  return text messages

4:10  Email announcement proofs to clients.  Wipe tears away because my time with these kiddos is almos over as they prepare for their next fun life adventure.

4:21  Bathroom break (finally)

4:30  Return emails, pack equipment for photo session

4:35  Start writing a blog post before the idea and info is out of my train of thought

4:50. Pull out of the garage to pick up Joey from track practice

5:12  Arrive at photo session for future blog post

5:50  Call Josh to meet us for dinner

6:13  Finish up photo sesssion

6:18  Sit down for dinner with my family

6:27. Phone rings, it’s after hours so it must be my mom…….but it’s not, kindly ask to send me an email and I’ll get back to them in the AM.

6:52  Finish up dinner and head and head to the store for some blog post items…..and chocolate

7:20  Return home

7:25  Grab the iPad as I head upstairs to type up blog post……but first reply to two emails.

7:31  Talk with Joey about something he feels he “needs”….

7:35  Back to blog posting……….but first taking care of that task that Josh asked me to do this morning.  (Thank you for being patient with me)!!!

7:55  It’s literally 7:56 as I type this sentence.

7:56  Wrestle mania is taking place in my living room between my husband son and two golden retrievers……..  can’t concentrate well, so it’s break time for a few.

8:08  Heading back to the office to back up and cull image from this afternoons photo session, because that is what you do!!!!!!

8:09 (there is a god sitting on my foot, so I have to pet him first)  Seriously, going now.

9:00 Done with the computer (back tot he iPad) office light is turned off for the night.

9:15 saving work for the night, I think I’ll call it a day.
fun daily routine for a portrait photographer

So there you have it.

I do have such a fun job, but for any aspiring girlboss out there, it’s so important to know, that business take a lot of hard work.  Keep chasing your dreams!!!