BRUNCHella : A Boho Inspired Collaboration

An inspired Collaboration

These photo sessions are often referred to as “styled shoots”.  Yes, there is a lot of styling going on, from inspiration to clothing, hair, make up and set, but there really is a lot more meaning behind these photo shoots.

Here are 5 great reasons to collaborate with creatives.  Keep scrolling to see how this collaboration grew from start to finish.



To me, it’s about community

Two minds are always greater than one.  I’m sure someone really important said that first, but I’m going to borrow it for a minute.



5 reasons creative collaborations are great

1.RELATIONSHIPS:  As a creative entrepreneur, I thrive by working with others.  I am a “relationship” kind of person, so any chance I have to work with people that I have, (or get to build) a relationship with is always a bonus!  I appreciate what each of these people have to offer!



2.PRACTICE:  It’s never a good idea to “practice” on the job.  Collaborations are a great opportunity to push yourself creatively, try new techniques and focus in on skills you’d like to learn and/or improve upon.  It’s also a great way to show off a skill that may be a bit untraditional and not what your market is typically looking for.



3.NETWORKING:  Collaborations are a great way to network with other creatives in your community and it’s always fun to work with others while working solo from day to day.




4.INSPIRATION:  As an artist, I NEED to be inspired.  I NEED to have a goal or plan, some kind of starting point for any photo session.  This is not a camera taking pictures after all 🙂  Collaborative sessions work best to find and give inspiration to others while creating for personal growth.






5.BECOMING A RESOURCE FOR YOUR CLIENT.  From tips on how to improve the experience to building relationships with others to share.  Part of the reason my clients choose MEP for their life portraits is because of the tools and expertise I am able to provide them with.





BRUNCHella collaboration

Rochelle originally reached out to me to photograph the beautiful farmwood tables that Eventful Rentals had recently added to their inventory (aren’t they beautiful!)  She asked if any of the #Mepseniors would want to model in a boho inspired session, featuring their new additions.  From there the boho inspiration took on a mind of it’s own.  Rochelle coined the theme BRUNCHella (it’s like coachella but it’s brunch, and that’s pretty much perfect)!  Between the two of us, we each contacted other brands that we knew would bring something fresh to this specific theme.

 Linda’s flowers created the florals our models wore in their super cute hair, styled by honey.hive salon.  Beth’s Bake Shoppe added some yummy macaroons and lemon cake bars which were perfect for our brunch them.  Code Fine Apparel added the perfect free people inspired wardrobe  for the girls and Peabody’s Farm gave us the perfect setting for a late morning brunch.  Airbrush by Andie finished off the girls looks by adding fun bright make up color that would be appropriate for a daytime event, but has a little sass (just like her).




My absolute favorite part of any collaboration is the trust it builds within our professional community.  This group of businesses have worked together before and have established a trust with one another to know we would each bring great contributions to the table.  In this case, it wasn’t necessary to have multiple face to face meetings, phone calls and emails.  The initial plan was put into place and shared with all participants ahead of time and when the day arrived each professional was responsible for their piece of the collaboration, after all they ARE the professionals.  Everything fell together perfectly, creating a fun atmosphere and beneficial collaboration for all parties involved.  These beautiful #mepseniors are just weeks away from graduating and it’s always heartbreaking to know our time together is almost over.  I loved that they were not only requested but also had the opportunity to see a professional collaboration play out {and have a great time too}!




Abi, Ali, Haley, Sydney, Kate, Samantha <3


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