A story of details

Wedding Day Details

Any opportunity to add detail personalization

to your wedding is swoon worthy and an added bonus! I ask each of my brides to put together a detail bag for their wedding day to help incorporate even more of “them” into their wedding day photos.After all, it’s all in the details.It’s the little things.  You can guarantee, I’m going to be sure to take some pretty fancy pictures of all those little things. From the florals to decor, earrings to shoes, and of course some amazing images of your rings. To make the the hustle and bustle of the wedding day go just a bit smoother, I recommend creating a bag full of the details, this makes it easy for me to grab when I arrive and begin photographing these special pieces. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I love more than photographing people. People I can talk, laugh and interact with. Help ease nerves, give advice and helpful tidbits, but there is something soothing to my soul when I get to photograph details. Not only does it help me tune into the “style” of the day, but it helps me focus and find my mojo.


We all have a trigger


Isn’t it funny how a song, or a scent can take you back to a certain place in time? Most couples have a song, weather it be the one you dance(d) to at your wedding reception, or the one that was constantly playing when you first fell in love. My absolute favorite wedding day detail has to be the cologne and perfume bottles for the bride and groom. One of my former brides had a brilliant idea to shop specifically for a wedding day scent. She made her choice not only based on how it smelled on her skin, mixed with her body chemistry but also on the design of the bottle. I have major heart eyes for her to this day! What I love even more abou this is that, this scent will forever be attached to the happiness and pure awesomeness of the wedding day.
Tip: Save this scent for special occasions only, like anniversaries, date nights or holidays.


Details that no one else “sees”

This past June I was bouncing (literally) with excitement when I arrived to Nikki and Ben’s wedding. Nikki was too cute as she pulled out her giant thirty-one bag filled to the top with details and add ons. She said “I may have gone overboard with details” but in all actuality, it’s not possible. Inside the bag I found different textures and finished of colored tissue paper coordinating with the wedding color scheme. Ribbons, Fabric and lace in different lengths and widths, fresh babys breath, antique vases that were gifts from her grandpa. Fishing lures, personalized hankies all in addition to the traditional wedding day details. Imagine being a chef walking into a kitchen filled with vivd veggies, fresh fruit, spices and seasonings all just sitting there waiting to be used in creating a magical recipe that was just dreamed up. This is what it’s like for me.mep-hannahconner_0171.jpgmep-hannahconner_0173.jpg



I’m so in love with every little thing about you

These little things are all a chapter in your story, no matter how big or little they are. Sometimes the “special” wont be seen until you see the photograph. It may not even be noticed for 10-15 years. I may not even tell you about it and some day you will just notice. Photography is an art form, just as a painter is given a palette of paints and a canvas. The camera is my tool of choice. You can never give me enough “ingrediants” to work wtih. So keep those details in that bag, no matter how “little” or “big” you think something may be, throw it in there! Magic just may happen.mep-hannahconner_0186.jpg




Joy and Chaos,