6 Apps for the Creative Soul

I’ve been called many names….scatterbrained is one that most often comes to mind.

I’m the first one to admit it.  I am the ever loving definition of scatterbrained.  If I don’t respond to a text, voicemail, email or facebook message, it’s not because the sender isn’t important or not a priority, it’s just that I am multi-tasking (which I know I should NOT ever do) and trying to accomplish too many things at once.  I have a habit of making too many priorities.  At any given moment in time I have a phone blowing up, an inox chiming with a new email and windows popping up on facebook, (like literally, just now 5 text messages have come through and I’m trying really hard not to stop and read them).  Staying focused is a daily struggle!!!  Thankfully, I’ve found some helpful apps that somewhat soothe and help this scattered brained creative life I’m living and give me some structure.  I crave structure.  I thrive while having it and know well enough to know for me to do my best work and be my best self I MUST have structure.

Here are 6 apps that help give a creative some stucture


I think I may be the last creative entrepreneur to have discovered this lovely tool.  Available as an app or for your desktop, trello is a free tool that helps organize all my pins and ideas into a task generated “schedule.”  I use trello on a daily basis to organize my thoughts, ideas, visuals, resources and research for upcoming projects.  I love Pinterest as much as the next gal, but often feel overwhelmed (ok, maybe sidetracked too) with all the amazing visuals.  Trello tones it down and makes all the magic more manageable for me.

Here is a glance at an older version of one of my trello boards.

app for creative structure 1


Working in the education field for 12 years has my adult brain scheduled to function in smaller amounts of time.  By using the pomodoro method, I am able to schedule my day similar to a school schedule.  This works best for me as my daily workflow is similar most days with only slight variations.  flora helps keep me focused on the task at hand (and hello, that cute little blooming flower!)  and let’s me know when it’s time to move on to a new task.

app for creative structure 1- flora


Oh, I’m so in love!  Honeybook is by far the best investment I have made for my business within the last two years.  Typically, I have 50-60 projects on my calendar at a time.  With honeybook, my client workflow is more streamlined with the client portal.  Inside each portal, all the of the communication, contracts, invoices, and details are together and we can all access it at any given time.  Honeybook also has an app, so I am able to connect with my clients individualized workflows on the go, while out on location, on my way to a meeting or even out of town.  If you’d like to  give honeybook a try and streamline your creative business feel free to use my referral code for a special discount.  And free up more time to make magic

app for creative structure- honeybook



This app is such a great service for my clients.  When we are ready to schedule a meeting, each client receives a direct link to my calendly calendar.  From here they can view availability in a specific amount of days and times and choose what works best for them.  No need to check back in with me first, it automatically reserves the space on my schedule for them and emails me a notification.  Saving minutes in the day with back and forth emails, texts and phone calls.

clanedly for scheduling appointments


Another one of those “game changers” for me.  Headspace is my favorite app to (try) to use each morning before starting my work day.  Headspace has taught me how to close down the random thoughts constantly running around trying to be the #1 priority and helped me learn to focus.  This fab app used a slow progression to teach being comfortable in meditation.  By starting out in small time increments, I’ve been able to be successful and not give up feeling overwhelmed.  Often I picture myself being in a place very similar to that pictured below.  Isn’t it soothing?!  I often dream of being back here and can not wait to revisit again soon!


I love using iBooks for my marketing and blogging schedule each year.  It helps the finalized plans stay nice and neat and laid out in PDF form, they read as a book.  BINGO!

using ibooks for marketing


These are some other apps I’m looking forward to using in my daily life.

What are your favorite apps?