5 ways to feel better tomorrow

Love yourself. I mean REALLY love who you were, are and who you will become!

You’ve heard it before, “The prettiest girls, are the happiest girls.” and it’s so true!

Say hello to the FRESH FACEs of MEP Class of 2018.

You’ve heard about (and probably seen) a few of my senior models. These girls aren’t reps or signing up for special discounts. They are a special group, a club so to speak of some amazing high school seniors ready to make a statement and be leaders for their community. While having fun with portraits, service projects and new found friendships they are making some lemonade memories and having a great time doing it!  theMEPexperience is all about rockin who you are, giving yourself grace, and loving those around you!

fresh face seniors

Our LAUNCH PARTY and first portrait session  (with some of the mepseniors 2018) took place at Eurasia’s Fireside Gallery, if you haven’t had a chance to stop by for a local cup of coffee, you must, MUST put it on your To-Do list for yesterday….tomorrow would work too, but seriously, get there ASAP! My favorite is the almond latte, it’s so yum!!!  We kicked off the year with a FRESH FACE session and some tips on how to have the BEST fresh face for summer!

 5 ways to feel better tomorrow

I want to make a promise to my girls! Thank you for being brave and knowing you ARE beautiful! Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup (hello, my BFF is THE BEST makeup artist around), but I am so so SO proud of each of you for your confidence and knowing your TRUE beauty is in your actions, your heart and how you treat people! I promise to spend this year with you reminding you of how AWESOME you are!

fresh faced collage


For Dry Lips

Summer days spent at the pool or on the lake can leave your pout cracked and dry. For a natural softener, try adding a thin layer of honey to your lips before you go to bed.

fresh face portrait

For Glowing skin tomorrow

Mix one part honey and two parts aloe vera gel to create an overnight face mask.




Rose Water

Ummm, too many benefits to list here….. Great as a skin toner and moisturizer. I found a wonderful resource at one good thing by jillee to make your own at home!




By far, the best tip to feel pretty tomorrow

is apply that moisturizer! Some of the girls listed their favorites you can see below, my favorite is Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk. I have noticed such an improvement in my skin since adding this to my daily routine!  You can also go see former MEP senior KAYLI at Sephora and she’ll get you hooked up with this awesome product!  I love it

Some favorites of the class of 2018

Lush Herbalism
Clearproof Kit by MaryKay
Biore Charcoal Scrub
Bath and Body Works Clay Scrub

Good enough to eat

I don’t know about you, but I love a fresh coat of polish on my nails to feel great. Summer time is uber busy for me and I don’t always have time to get in a mani and pedi, so a fresh coat often does the trick!
Loving the Summer 2017 Essie line “inspired by sweet pastels and sugar confections of paris” with names like “eclair my love” “s’il vous play” and “fondant of you” I may also need to add ice cream to the list, and make it 6 tips to feel better tomorrow!!!







Thankful for yesterday, and really looking forward to tomorrow!

Joy and Chaos,