3 things to keep in mind for your newborn session


Newborn Sessions

Congratulations! Welcome to the world of parenthood and all it’s awesomeness! Even though, it’s by far the toughest job you’ll ever have, it is absolutely the best one!!! It’s important to remember that although a newborn portrait session will be one of the best heirloom investments you will make for your family, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and exhausted, and babe….I don’t want that for you! Here are 3 things to keep in mind while preparing for your newborn session.  But more important than any tip I can give you is, FEEL ALL THE FEELS!  All of it!!!

Comfy and Classic


Don’t feel the need to go overboard with wardrobe, hair, makeup, props etc. Comfort is key when it comes to a newborn session. I love when these sessions are planned to take place at home, in your “safe” place where you are sure to relax. I remember what it’s like going anywhere with a newborn, it’s as if you have to pack the entire house!  I love how this sweet family went all glammed out with a styled session for maternity portraits then chose to keep things classic at home when Baby C arrived.
Another advantage of having your newborn session take place in your home is convenience! Give me a window and we can make anything happen! Baby C’s newborn sessions took place on a very cloudy, rainy day, but due to North and West facing windows, we were able to use natural, soft light for his entire session.




Be ok with a binkie!

It’s ok for baby to have/need a binkie during a newborn session! That’s what baby’s do! Often during these sessions, we’ll have to take a break for a feeding or diaper change, don’t let this make you anxious! Babies poop and eat, and we work off his or her schedule. No reason to worry babe.  Let’s just keep that new baby relaxed and comfortable!!





Remember the Love

that got you this sweet new bundle! These are your first family portraits!! So even though more than likely you will be going on just a few hours of sleep and might have puffy eyes or swollen ankles, DO THIS! It’s important to include a few images of your family too!



Newborn Sessions

Take patience and no time limit! You have to realize that we aren’t in control at all, sometimes that’s hard! but it’s also kind of awesome just to sit and enjoy this time. Congratulations, babe!!!!